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More than 20 years of experience in the ‘Life Science’ sector, realizing automation projects worldwide.

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More than 1,000 automation projects carried out worldwide.

BOEHRINGER INGELHEIM is one of the 20 largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Its headquarters are located in Ingelheim, Germany. In 1960 the first Spanish factory for the production of active chemical substances was inaugurated. In 1999 it inaugurated a new center of production of pharmaceutical specialties in Spain where blisters, capsules and syrups are manufactured.


  • Monitoring of GMP particle counting system.
  • Automation for the improvement of processes. [READ MORE]
  • Control and supervision of the purified water plant and water loop for injections WFI.
  • Migration of the control system and supervision of air conditioning of the production building.

ZOETIS is a global animal health company in Spain is one of the world reference centers in the research and manufacture of pharmacological and biological products for animals, whose production is estimated around 13 million units annually that are supplied to different countries Of the five continents.


  • Automation reactors ATEX production area.
  • Control and supervision CIP SIP system production area reactors.
  • Monitoring and control GMP parameters of your plant located in OLOT.
  • Control and supervision of freeze drying equipment in production plant.

ALCON is a world leader in vision care, develops and manufactures innovative drugs and devices that serve the full life cycle of eye care needs. Founded in 1945 as a small optic, ALCON has grown to become the second largest division of Novartis, one of the most successful and respected healthcare companies in the world.


  • Control and supervision Autoclaves.
  • Control and monitoring CIP area eyedrops.
  • Automation WFI loop, points of use and distiller for the production plant.
  • Control and monitoring of process BATCH and CIP system SIP DIP reactors in production area.
  • Implementation of the new networking infrastructure for monitoring and control (OT) systems.
  • Implementation of the new server infrastructure for monitoring and control (OT) systems.

ALMIRALL is a pharmaceutical company that researches, develops, manufactures and markets proprietary drugs and third-party products in areas with unmet medical needs. Founded in 1943 as Laboratorios Almirall, its history has been marked by numerous successes over the years. At present, its products are available in more than 70 countries of the five continents, through its 15 subsidiaries and a strategic network of collaborations.


  • Control and supervision HVAC R & D facilities.
  • Monitoring GMP parameters production facilities R & D.
  • Migration and virtualization of the water plant in R & D facilities.
  • System of control of energy saving of air conditioning plant production.
  • 24×7 customer service and conductive maintenance R & D facilities.
  • Implementation of the new server infrastructure for monitoring and control (OT) systems.

MSD ANIMAL HEALTH, known as Merck Animal Health in the United States and Canada, is MSD’s animal health business unit. MSD Animal Health has a plant in Spain dedicated to the production of vaccines for animal health, manufacturing more than 90 references for birds, ruminants and fish. Exporting products to 50 countries, it is one of the most important animal health products factories in the world.


  • 24×7 customer service.
  • Integration of process parameters with the ERP system.
  • Control of the heavy process for production reactors.
  • Monitoring and control system for biological reactors.
  • Automation of disinfection and decontamination process.
  • Implementation of a centralized HVAC control and supervision system for vaccine production, quality control and warehouse buildings.

B. BRAUN has different industrial facilities in Spain with more than 2,000 employees. From Spain the latest medical technologies for the treatment and closure of wounds are investigated and developed and pharmaceutical solutions of infusion and irrigation, parental nutrition diets and products for injectables are made.


  • 24×7 customer service.
  • Control and supervision plant Nutriservice.
  • Automation secondary conditioning lines.
  • WFI compressor and refrigeration system automation.
  • Control and monitoring GMP HVAC system of the production plant.