SistelCONTROL offers process control and automation solutions for the pharmaceutical (Life Science), chemical, biotechnology, cosmetics and related industries. Our solution is adapted to the needs of our customers, thanks to our knowledge of the life sciences sector, the application of work procedures that we have implemented in our company and the automation technology that we use to develop the applications of control. We are specialized in automating a wide range of solutions that cover the different processes and activities that are performed in the pharmaceutical industry.


At SistelCONTROL we use leading technology based on market standards in both hardware and software for the development of our projects. We are a company completely independent of the control suppliers and we are certified as deployers with the main manufacturers of hardware and software. There are several technologies to perform process control, being the most used solutions based on control of PLCs and a system of operation and / or management:


The most commonly used process control technology for PLC controllers is: PLC-5, PLC-7, Siemens, Rockwell Control Logix, Quantum, Premium and Modicon from Schneider, CJ and CS1 from Omron.

PLC + SCADA+ Historian

For supervisory systems we use Intouch and ArchestrA from Wonderware, iFIX from GE Fanuc, WinCC and WinCC Flexible from Siemens.

PLC + SCADA + Batch

The most commonly used communication technologies are: Profinet, Profibus, Siemens Industrial Ethernet, Modbus, Schneider Modbus TCP, DeviceNet and Rockwell IP Ethernet.


OPC, DNP3, with Kepware and Matricon Real Time Ethernet technology, and Hilscher communication communications gateways.

For small installations a PLC and an HMI (Operator Panel), allows to control the process. As the number of signals increases, a SCADA and historian system is used. If the system is more complex, the Batch solution (with compliance with ISA 88) is the most suitable since it allows the management of recipes and operations in a flexible way. The DCS (Distributed Control System) is a process control system in large industries where all control of the entire plant is operated centrally. The number of signals can reach up to 250,000 signals.

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